Backwoods Honey Cigars

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Each unit includes 8 packs of 5 cigars (total 40 cigars).



Backwoods Honey Cigars

The Backwoods Honey cigars are covered with a top-quality dark and chewy broadleaf wrapper to offer the perfect balance of rich tobacco flavor and sweet succulent honey. Not too sweet and too strong, I can easily enjoy these rustic stogies all day long and still have a pleasant taste on the tongue.

Backwoods Honey Cigars are perfectly constructed machine-made cigars to suit any craving, smoke break, or night out— which is why I always keep a pack of them handy! Backwoods come in every flavor an aficionado could need, from sweet to smoky to spicy, and each one is balanced for the ultimate satisfaction even when you’re on a tight schedule. There’s a reason these tiny gems are so popular!


Strength: Mellow

Shape: Small Cigar

Size: 4 1/2 x 27

Country: Altadis U.S.A

Color: Natural

Flavor: Honey

Wrapper Origin: Connecticut

Wrapper Leaf: Broadleaf



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