Backwoods Cigars Original Wild N’ Mild

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Each unit includes 8 packs of 5 cigars (total 40 cigars).



Backwoods Cigars Original Wild N’ Mild

Backwoods Cigars Original Wild N’ Mild  were introduced nationally in 1981 and they were a hit from the very beginning. These cigars are flavorful, mild and perfect for the outdoors. Their airtight foil pouch and rustic look only add to their macho mystique.

While Backwoods cigars come in many different varieties, unique styles and tastes, their original blend is extremely popular among those who conform to the ‘rugged male’ stereotype. These cigars feature a tapered body, a frayed end and an unfinished head—all of which traditionally hold great appeal among outdoorsmen.

Additionally, these cigars come with a foil, airtight pouch which retains moisture and prevents them from drying out, thereby preserving their unique taste and aroma. Moister than usual and made from premium tobacco, these cigars are loaded with sweet and aromatic flavors. SHOP NOW! 

Category: Machine Made Cigars

Brand: Backwoods

Ring Gauge: 27

Length: 4 1/8

Shape: Cigarillo

Quantity: 40

Package Type: Packs

Flavor: Mild

Country: Altadis U.S.A



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